TJ Building Consultants is an experienced and innovative professional team providing services Australia wide for small to large scale residential, industrial and commercial developments. With over 15 years of technical experience to draw on, we provide proven building solutions for every type of development.

  • Building design certification and inspections
  • Building Code of Australia
  • Essential safety measures
  • Energy efficiency assessment
  • Accessibility
  • Fire engineering
  • Bushfire Assessments
  • Bushfire Management Overlay
  • Fire Life Safety

TJ Building Consultants have extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, covering all aspects of building regulation in commercial, industrial and residential developments, including high rise, public access and large floor area buildings.


By choosing TJ Building Consultants you can ensure you get the best level of service and availability to deliver your project outcomes on time and on budget. We understand that with so much building legislation out there it is hard to negotiate the red tape. With our extensive knowledge of the building legislation and our performance based approach we ensure the delivery of cost benefit design outcomes for your project.


  • We return phone calls and provide the right advice first time
  • We provide un-limited building surveying solutions
  • We are passionate about problem solving
  • We strive to deliver cost saving solutions that are the best design outcomes
  • We draw on longstanding industry relationships to ensure the correct outcome every time